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Texas ABATE,
We are asking you to take the a few minutes to ask your elected officials to join their colleagues on a letter being sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to ask them to address the decades old definition of a motorcycle at the end of this week. The letter must be sent in the next 48 hours to ensure your member of Congress will be included in the letter.

One of the priorities for the MRF this year is addressing the definition of a motorcycle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is in charge of the federal definition. The current definition is 40 years old and so broad that autocycles are classified as motorcycles which creates ambiguity surrounding licensing, registration, insurance and safety courses.

NHTSA defines the term "motorcycle," as "a motor vehicle with motive power having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with ground" (49 CFR 571.3).

ABATE of Iowa led the charge at the state level to update the definition of a motorcycle in Iowa. However, some states have not been able to address this issue in their statehouses. Now the MRF is seeking to change the definition at the federal level, which will ensure vehicles that are classified as motorcycles are indeed motorcycles. Leaders from ABATE of Wisconsin helped lead this push at the federal level. They came to Washington, DC earlier in the year and met with their Senators and Representatives as well as leaders of the Motorcycle Caucuses.

Those meetings resulted in a letter from Congressman Burgess of Texas and Senator Johnson of Wisconsin to NTSHA asking questions about the current definition of a motorcycle.

Congressman Burgess and Senator Johnson want their colleagues to sign onto the letter and join them in asking these crucial questions of NHSTA. We need you to contact your Congressman and Senators and ask them to join this letter. We want the definition of a motorcycle to be a motorcycle, and that starts with putting NHSTA on notice that the current definition is unacceptable.

We have all seen these autocycles on the road, and we know they aren't motorcycles. Let's make sure the bureaucrats in DC understand the difference!

Tiffany Cipoletti
Director of Operations
Motorcycle Riders Foundation



2019 Legislative Bills opens on new page

Texas voters oppose Texas (86th) HB 748!

Texas (86th) HB 748 - a house bill authored by Representative Neave, of district 107 does not promote motorcycle safety in Texas! As registered voters and motorcycle enthusiasts in Texas, we are asking legislation to OPPOSE HB 748! Presently, 64% of registered motorcyclists in Texas already choose to wear a helmet without required legislation. HB 748, if passed, would remove several mandates from the Transportation Code, including the mandate (661.003 [c-1]) that it is unlawful to stop a motorcyclist only to check motorcycle endorsements and insurance! HB 748 will not decrease crashes, but educating riders will! Texas will continue to support adult choice and accountability; therefore, we sign this petition to emphatically oppose HB 748!


We have this red light bill that needs working FAST:

Texas finally got a house bill (on the last day of open filing) that gives us options at an unresponsive red light - HB 4265! Now it is up to us to get this bill through the House FAST, or to let it die with no support... We need to work this bill quickly - as it will have to make it through both chambers (house & senate) in the next 60 days; without several co-sponsors this bill will not move! Over 30 states have a red-light bill; Texas is not one of them! Click on the link below, and contact (email) your house representative today, and ask them to please CO-SPONSOR HB 4265 - a common-sense malfunctioning red light bill. Do it today!



These two bills need special attention
to are the two lane-sharing bills:

Texas has two active bills in this legislature that desperately requires our advocacy! These two bills (one house bill and one senate bill) would allow lane-sharing in Texas on controlled highways (like an interstate). A 2015 study from the Safe Transportation Research & Education Center at UC Berkeley found that "Lane-splitting appears to be a relatively safe motorcycle riding strategy if done in traffic moving at 50 mph or less, and if motorcyclists do not exceed the speed of other vehicles by more than 15 mph.". These Texas bills would require traffic to be moving at 20 mph, or less – and motorcycles traveling no more than 5 mph faster; lane sharing will reduce rear-end collisions!

HB1270 02-27-2019 - Referred to Transportation Rep. Joe Deshotel HD 22
SB273 02-07-2019 - Referred to Transportation Sen. Kirk Watson SD 14

We need to contact our congressperson right away! These two bills will move simultaneously through legislation, but will die in their committee if we don't get some co-sponsors soon! Get online and find your rep's (senate and house rep) email address; ask your congressperson to CO-SPONSOR SB 273 (Senate) and HB 1270 (House). Keep it simple, and copy & paste into both emails—they are identical (1 house, 1 sen.).

Copy & paste into emails (or something similar):

Put “Please CO-SPONSOR SB 273” (or Please CO-SPONSOR HB 1270) in the subject line.

“Dear Senator_________ (or Representative_______), As your constituent, I feel strongly about SB 273 (or HB 1270), and I am asking you to please be a co-sponsor to this bill. Lane sharing has proved to reduce rear-end collisions on controlled highways, and will save lives in Texas – perhaps even mine.”

2018 Legislative Bills
Per THe Texas ABATE Legislative Officer,
ABATE needs to support H Res 318 and S Res 154
and ABATE needs to oppose HR1311.

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